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Objectives and advantages

  Arab Pharmaceutical Organization for Standardization  

 In an effective and important step has been commended by the highest authorities of the People's government at the level of Arab and African countries (such as the Libyan General People's Congress Britain and the Sudanese Presidency and other health ministries in the Arab world and the African continent

This step was the establishment of the African Union of Arab Pharmacists, it was necessary to continue with the Union of Arab Pharmacists Union of Arab-African pharmacists to activate its objectives, which was established in order to achieve it, it was the birth of the Arab Pharmaceutical Organization for Standardization, (APSO) of the most important objectives that seek to protect the security of our homeland and our African and great starting point towards ensuring the health of African and Arab citizens, and promoting the scientific and technical control of drugs in the space of the most vital spaces is the Arab-African space was still a testing ground for many of the global pharmaceutical companies.

 The response and participation of Arab Ministers of Health and Africans in the off APSO and experts active step to become a reality, and to materialize the hopes and aspirations to become (APSO) reflected the fact on the ground with most of the ministers of health through the most skilled scientists and experts who Nominated to work in this body in addition to nominations Most of the universities, known by professors and scholars in various universities Pharmaceutical Sciences. Was the birth of (APSO) including all of its machines birthday to complete the scientific, technical and management at a time we most need it to the excellent work reflected scientifically and technically and administratively in the Arab-African body seeks to achieve its goals of service to the homeland.


Dr.Ali Ibrahim                                                                                             

   General Secretary of the Apso  
  The goals of apso  
  1. Ensure that safe and effective medication and a good observer control into the hands of citizens and prevent the entry of any adulterated medicine for the Arab nation, through the evaluation and control of factories and pharmaceutical companies recorded the Arab homeland.
  1. Contribute to the support of Arab national economy, through the support of the pharmaceutical industry and pharmaceutical research.
  1. Contributing to the solution of problems facing the pharmaceutical any Arab country.
  1. To provide scientific and technical consulting pharmacy requesting them to the Ministries of Health of Arab, African and other institutions, factories and corporate medicine
  1. Contribute to the training and preparation of elements of national control and the pharmaceutical industry.
  1. Providing technical support to contribute to the vaccination programs mother and child in the Arab and African countries in need of such service.
  1. Support nationalism and national programs to combat infectious and lethal and provide all the technical and scientific advice for this purpose.

 Privileges granted by the "APSO"


First: The privileges of citizens: --

  • Ensure and confirm the arrival of a drug safe, effective, and available to the hands of citizens who need it.
  • Protect the health of African and Arab citizens of fake drugs or other medications which did not conform with international standards.
  Second: The concessions for health ministries in the Arab world and the African continent: --  
  • The Ministries of Health to provide detailed reports on all the pharmaceutical companies have registered
  •  Recruiting experts and scholars to be a working group on scientific and technical service strategies . Pharmaceutical and health to the health ministries in the Arab world and the African continent.

  • Support and health ministries processing top teams specialized scientific and technical experts and scientists to contribute to solving any problem to the pharmaceutical and health ministries in the Arab world and the African continent.

  • Support and health ministries processing top teams specialized scientific and technical experts and scientists to contribute to solving any problem to the pharmaceutical and health ministries in the Arab world and the African continent.

  • Support the ministries of health in emergency and relief (God forbid) a specialized teams of scientists and experts at the highest level of scientific and technical.

  • Training and rehabilitation of national elements to carry out examination and inspection and control, through professors and scholars specializing in this area in collaboration with institutions and Arab and international bodies in this specialization.

  • A program of scientific and technical specialist for the tainted drug resistance and facilitate the identification of all the relevant information about any medicine to treating physicians and specialists (special program of scientists inventing reasons).


Third: the privileges of the pharmaceutical companies: --


APSO with its large number of experts and scholars and professors in the field of Pharmaceutical Sciences, who represent the finest gathering of scientists and experts Arabs and Africans can make concessions to the following companies: --

  • Examination and inspection of pharmaceutical plants, factories and directing any shortfall that may lead to non-production of medicines safely and effectively in accordance with specifications and international laws (GMP) and others, which raises such factories

  • Support the reputation of pharmaceutical factories and products cross examination finest scientists and experts have so before the ministries of health and Arab citizens.

  •  Providing technical and scientific advice to companies and factories pharmaceutical scientists and experts when requested to do so.

  • Certification Key to the place and the ability of the companies that have been tested to produce safe and effective medication and testified that scientists and experts of reasons

  • Help companies and pharmaceutical factories especially Arab and African countries, which are being tested to ease the registration process in the Arab world and the African continent so as to the approval of many of His Excellency the Minister of Health Arabs and Africans to this body and it enjoys an unprecedented gathering of scientists and experts in the field of Pharmaceutical Sciences (industry - control -- Rationalization), considering that the certificate granted by the  "APSO" is one of the best certificates proving the quality of these factories and companies.

  •  There is also a special privilege pharmaceutical companies to support the local pharmaceutical industry Arab and African countries, through emphasis on the ability of pharmaceutical factories Arab and African countries undergoing the examination should take their natural products safe and effective testimony of experts and Arab-African space scientists (members CAPS) to work to replace foreign medicine Like, through the support of these companies to register in the Arab and African countries that have not registered yet, from this point on the other hand technical support to the ministries of health in space for Arab-African enjoyed by these plants, including their ability to bring medicines replaced by foreign medicine certificate Scientists and experts (members CAPS) when the company earned any Arab or African pharmaceutical and passed the tests scientists and experts reasons.


Scientific method and working mechanisms (APSO)

  Works "APSO" to achieve their objectives through the General Assembly, which sets general policies of the APSO and through the Secretariat, which oversees the implementation of goals and strategy work, since emerging from the Secretariat "APSO" sections of scientific, technical, administrative and financial following: --  
  1. Section examination and inspection
  1. Section technical support and consultancy
  1. Information Section, references and documentation
  1. Administration Section, direction and consists of: --
  1. Financial Management
  2. Public administration and guidance
  Each section of scientific and technical referred to perform the tasks entrusted to it by forming a number of scientific and technical committees to support these sections, including: --  
  • Policy Development Committee (PDC)
  • Expert GMP Committee (EGMPC)
  • Technical & Scientific Advisory Committee (TSAC)
  • Inspection’s Report Committee (IRC)
  • Stand against Deterioration’s Drug Committee (SDDC)
  • Drug Information Center (DIC)